Thursday, 24 February 2011

Welcome to all who dare enter!

Hello there fellow gaming enthusiasts.
Welcome to Mr. GameBrain's blog!

Nothing on here at the moment, but hopefully there will be soon.

In fact, I'm going to start this place up with a hearty pop, by reviewing one of the relatively obscure handheld gaming consoles created by the also relatively obscure Korean company GPH (i.e. GamePark Holdings), the Caanoo.

The twist on this review, is that not only will you be getting a review straight from the gamer's mouth (or should it really be fingers..?), but this review is much more recent. (Most reviews I've seen were made at around the time of the consoles release last August)


  1. Testing! Testing! Testing the comments!
    Weeeeee! :D

  2. Spadge did an awesome job on the banner.
    (I was never expecting anything that good!)

    Now I really going try to make a nice carpet to match the drapes! ;D

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